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Dining in Anaheim

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No takers on this request the last time around. I'm leaving in less than 2 weeks, so I thought I'd try again. Anything?

The Napa Rose in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel is outstanding. It is considered the best restaurant in Orange County by many with Pinot Provence [Closed in Jun, 2015] (Joachim Splichal's outpost of his Southern CA best Patina) in the Westin Hotel at South Coast Plaza second. Patina (in LA) may be as good as Citronelle. For me the others are a step below. On a different level and much more interesting is "Greek and Armenian rotisserie chicken." Rosine's is the one considered the best of all. This is Zagat's take on it:


Ralph's Mkt.

721 S. Weir Canyon Rd.

(E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd.)

Anaheim, CA 92808



View Online Menu Food Decor Service Cost

25 16 20 22


"Anaheim Hills" "family-run" "hidden wonder" is hardly a secret as revealed by "loyal locals" awaiting their turn for "astoundingly" "excellent" Mediterranean-Armenian "comfort food", especially the "addictive" rotisserie chicken; "friendly" service, "super-value" pricing and an "extensive" list of "bargain wines" "that would make Bacchus proud" keep this "strip-mall storefront" "crowded all week"; P.S. "they do takeout if you're in a hurry."

If you go please post on here. Thanks.

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Thanks, Joe!

I'll keep Rosine's in mind, as it sounds perfect. Unfortunately, it's not all that close to the hotel - about 15 highway miles away. That's like a $70 RT cab fare, which is a pretty hefty addition to a dinner tab that's going to run about that much for 2 adults and 2 kids.

The Napa Rose looks amazing, but I'm not comfortable bringing the kids there, and not sure we're interesting in finding a sitter for a night.

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Going to be in Anaheim for a big convention the first week of November. We tried to book Napa Rose but it was fully committed. Are there any other recommendations out there for a "fine dining" type of place? I looked on Opentable and I couldn't find a thing.



Its not really fine dining but Zov's Bistro is pretty darned good. Lots of modern Mediterranean hip dishes mixed in with mom's cooking from the old country (Lebanon I think). Just note that the info is about 7 years out of date, but it was always a favorite for after the natural foods expo in Anaheim.

Another place I really liked was 5' Bistro [Closed in 2010] in Laguna. At times it could be a little precious with a little attitude in the service but the food was always great (Chinese Fusion French). Crowded & noisy. Again, its been 7 years since I ate there.

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