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  1. What about in DC? We generally order from Mr. Chens in Woodley Park but it hasn't been as good in recent years. Jennifer
  2. Hey There, Going to be spending a couple of says in Savannah over the holidays. Anyone been lately and have some recs for some delicious meals? Jennifer
  3. So my husband and I are going to NOLA for our 5th wedding anniversary. We have been told that to do it up right we should go to Commanders. Think this is good advice? I am allergic to shellfish, (no I can't just down a bunch of drugs before hand and yes, I know that it is a "sin" to miss the shellfish in LA,.... whatever), but we really want to taste some cajun food and be dazzled. What say you all?
  4. In case someone backs out, I would love to come. Jennifer
  5. Anyone have any recent meals to add? My husband and I are going to be there later this year and we haven't been since 2006. Thanks in advance! Jennifer
  6. Coco Beach So my husband and I are going to Nationals Spring Training in March and we would love some recs for good places to eat while we are there. We are staying in Coco Beach and would love to know of a great place in the area. Anyone?
  7. I had the meal of a lifetime at Komi last Friday. It was also the most expensive meal that I have ever had in my life. I am having a hard time coming up with the vocabulary to talk about what happened to me at that restaurant. The service was off the chain awesome. The wine pairings were spot on, delicious and thought provoking. The goat made me want to raise them, roast them and eat them at home. The cheese course was the single most stinky thing I have ever put in my mouth and can still taste it. I wish I were rich and I would go once a week and sit in that table in the window like we did last week. Love love love it.
  8. That is the great thing about freedom. You can go where you want, think what you want to think and as long as your decisions don't harm me, we are cool.
  9. <---has a Michigan accent. I for one will no longer be eating at Zaytinya. And I was a semi-regular there. You lost a great customer ass-hat.
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