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8 Hands Farm, Poivrot Farci Working on a Sustainable Farm on Long Island's North Fork

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Had the pleasure of visiting our own Poivrot Farci at 8 Hands Farm (website) in Cutchogue, NY last week. Poivrot is butchering, cooking, baking bread and farming at a small, sustainable farm out on the east end of Long Island's north fork.

The farm recently built an amazing kitchen for Julien to perform his craft. They also have a food trailer (a food truck on steroids) that will start serving homey meals featuring their chickens, pigs, and sheep. They are also building a cheese-making facility. Local resident Tom Colicchio is a big fan of Poivrot's work. 

Below is a shot from his walk-in. Very much worth a trip if you are out that way. Beautiful country, filled with farms, vineyards and water.


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Julien (and indirectly, Frank Ruta) is darned-near the central topic in an important (okay, okay - it's all relative, but so is incest (<--- that was a joke)) New York Times article that just came out, dealing with sweating onions before cooking risotto, and intensely stirring the stock in, a little at a time.

"What To Cook this Weekend" by Sam Sifton on nytimes.com

Julien, I honestly think you're one of the best at what you do (and you do a lot of things) - I know you'll probably deflect attention from yourself, but you'd be wrong to do so. Congratulations for this.

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