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"Bungle in the Jungle" (1974), The Decline and Fall of Jethro Tull - Founder of the British Agricultural Revolution


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I was just watching "Mozart in the Jungle," and for some strange reason, got fixated on long-forgotten songs, and I guess it's because of the name that "Bungle in the Jungle" popped into my mind, which will probably have a similar effect on sheldman as "The Swingin' Six," and their "Zip Code" jingle.

At one time, I believe Jethro Tull was respected, but this was probably the song that did them in - it's the equivalent of The Beatles singing "Love Me Do," except in reverse chronological order.

There isn't much to like about this song, and quite honestly, I'd completely forgotten it was by Jethro Tull. What this post does, however, is give me the opportunity to raise a crazy piece of rock trivia.

Jethro Tull was one of the most famous agriculturalists in world history, I swear to God. Click on that link and see for yourself.

It's this alone that validates the post, even though sheldman may be stewing, like a tomato in a pressure cooker. Just to push him over the edge:

Next up: a check-in on Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey," and an exploratory piece on whether or not rock-and-roll musicians are concerned with their "art" more than they are becoming millionaires. Also, looking into the hypothesis of whether an early verse in "Honey" - when she wiped the snow off the twig to prevent it from dying, then slipped and fell when she came back in the house - is hidden foreshadowing, as yet undiscovered by any serious musicologist - I think it's a legitimate possibility, and not as outlandish or implausible as it may initially seem.

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On 10/23/2016 at 1:44 PM, sheldman said:

Yes people

Admit it: You're one of fifteen people left in the world who remembers this:

Do you know what's amazing? I'm writing this here because I don't want to degrade this person - over on the "Honey" thread, the third video down is by "Larry" (I defy *anyone* to watch that entire video without genuinely cringing), and to my amazement, he has a lot (as in, well over a thousand) of videos on YouTube, and apparently takes himself *quite* seriously as a musician. He seems like he's a nice person (I think he's religious) and I certainly don't want to poke fun at anyone, but ... my goodness, he has a quote in this cover of an Engelbert Humperdinck number that says, "I think this song defines the talent of a vocalist ... If they can sing it, they have talent ... if they can't, they don't." I know I'm going to hell for this, and I fervently pray that Larry gets into heaven so I don't have to hear him sing for all eternity (*that* would be hell).

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