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Lillie Hitchcock Coit was a wealthy socialite who was a patron for San Francisco's firefighters, and the benefactor for the construction of Coit Tower. Ms. Coit is the official "Matron Saint" of San Francisco's firefighters.

She bequeathed one-third of her fortune, or $118,000, "to be expended in an appropriate manner for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city which I have always loved."

There are beautiful murals within the spiral staircases of Coit Tower that are available to be seen on tours. Visiting and touring information can be found at the website, www.coittowertours.com. This site is wonderfully simplistic, while containing all you need to know before coming to visit.

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For a great walking tour which ends at Coit Tower, do the following:

After starting at the Ferry Building, continue up The Embarcadero (water is on your right) to Greenwich St (by Pier 27), turn left.  You should see a sign to walk up the hill via wooden stairs (VERY STEEP but worth the view; you will smack into he middle of some apartments).  This will ultimately take you to Coit Tower, where you will have a fabulous vista of the city. 

Continue down the other side of Coit Tower (either using Filbert or Union Street) until you come  to Washington Square (the church there: Saint Peter & Paul is where Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio).  There you can have a fabulous lunch at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store (566 Columbus Ave. (bet. Green & Union Sts. Phone: 415-362-0536).  They make the most incredible focaccia sandwiches (they get the Focaccia from Soracco bakery (corner Stockton & Filbert).  If you don't have time to sit down for lunch @ Mario's, grab some focaccia to go at Soracco; it is awesome and my mouth is watering just thinking it!!!

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