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Range, Phil and Cameron West's Local and Seasonal Pioneer in the Mission District - Closed

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I had a terrific meal a few weeks ago at Range [Closed Jan 1, 2017], a new restaurant in the Mission.

My friends and I shared a few starters, which I followed with spinach soup instead of a salad. This was a nice surprise; the soup didn't lend any of that dry-mouth feel that I sometimes get from spinach, even though, according to the server, it was completely vegan except for the dollop of cream in the middle. Nice, tasty, and interesting, even for a meat-lover.

For a main, I usually don't order the chicken, but my dining companions had ordered every other dish I was interested in, and the chicken got breathless raves, so I said what the heck. And it was phenomenal. The meat and its sides had innovative but not overpowering flavors and were cooked perfectly. So were all the other dishes at the table (which I of course got tastes of). Finally, after a tremendous chocolate souffle and a tasty alcohol+coffee concoction I had to throw in the towel and call it a night.

Incidentally, not only was the food amazing, our server was just great--friendly, knowledgeable on the food, and extremely well-versed on the wine. And to top it all off, the entree prices ranged from $16-20, appetizers $6-13. The San Franciscans at the table all commented that the place could have easily tacked on $4-6 an entree without changing a thing, and it'd still be a deal.

And who knows--maybe they will in a few weeks. But my friends are right: that restaurant would still be a find. I highly recommend giving it a go before everyone else discovers it! (or even after!)

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I had a terrific meal a few weeks ago at Range, a new restaurant in the Mission.

We had dinner at Range a couple of weeks ago. Everything was well prepared and the place had a great vibe, but sometimes the 'seasonal and simple' approach underwhelms. A salad of apricots, fennel and goat cheese was a nice combination, but you could easily whip this up at home (in fact, I made it while we were at a friend's place in Martinez the next day). Not really sure what I was expecting, and maybe the fact that you could make it at home is the wrong standard to judge a restaurant by, but I felt the same way about my entree: halibut with a fava bean stew and tapenade. Nothing to fault here, but not particularly wowing either (I did like the place a lot more than txaggie, who gave the food a solid thumbs down for being too plain). Pretty reasonably priced wine list with some interesting selections (but the wine we chose stunk :unsure: ).

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