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hm212 (Manhattan)

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22 pounds to go. :lol:
I am outing myself, that can only help me and others.

I am doing No carb - Atkins style. I actually started this back in the beginning of December. I booked a cruise for mid February and have been doing this ever since. My game plan is to follow this until my cruise next month, not do anything healthy during my trip except visit the gym and spa on the ship.

After my trip I will do a new game plan and follow some old fashioned healthy eating. We all know what we are supposed to do just not good at doing it.

Since the 1st I am down four pounds (twelve since december 5th).

If anyone has any good no or low carb recipes please pass them on.

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Seems to be going well, haven't really been on the scale but clothes do seem looser.

Not been perfect - This past weekend the kids were driving me NUTS so I got them pizza for dinner and a pint of Haagen Daz for me after they went to bed. I did get get right back on the trail and ran 2.5 miles this morning (treadmill).

Last night for dinner, I had two of the mini rolls from the tray at Black's and they were really good (Lamb was disappointing, but I will post something about that in their thread). My point is I had a little bread to soak up some of the mussell's sause with.

Counting down the days to vacation (18) - I will be getting on the scale before vacation and after. Report back then.

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