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clayrae (Kong)

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20 pounds to go!

I have been working on losing weight over the past couple of years. I have lost nearly 30 pounds with changes in my diet and semi-regular exercise. There are a few habits that I have picked up that I will post here. Maybe they can help someone else.

I now always eat breakfast. I like bagels with cream cheese. I have switched to mini bagels (100 calories) which satisfy the BREAD! craving. I use 1/3 llght Neufchâtel cheese, because I like the way it tastes. (Light cream cheese tastes oddly sweet to me.)

Here is the trick with the cream cheese: I could eat the whole brick. When I am rushing out the door in the morning the last thing I want to do is measure. So when I open the package I slice it into 8 one ounce servings and drop it into a storage container. Then I can just grab a chunk without thinking about it.

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My 29th birthDAY celebrations turned into birthWEEK celebrations... (and there are few friends I haven't seen yet, so more dinners loom (the horrors.))

So while I could post about the FABULOUS meals I had this weekend at Komi and Dino, I am instead, here, confessing.

I was afraid to get on the scale this morning, I am sure the two pounds I lost last week are back, and probably with two more in tow...

Anyone have any extra self control they could sell me?


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That's a significant birthday to celebrate and celebrations are good for the soul. Look it's a truism rather than an insight, but it's worth becoming a mantra:

This is not about dieting.

This is about making significant changes in the way you live, getting more exercise and eating a more healthful diet.

There's a reason Europeans refer to the "energy" in foods vs. the "calories". If those pounds returned, consider them a gift of an increased energy level. Spend, or lower it.

Well, that's a bit more wordy than "Om mani padme hum", but...

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Praise be! February is over! What a wretched month...

I've managed to get the train back on the tracks here. Just returned from the gym (the second time this week!)

Apparently eating really doesn't give your abs a workout after all.

18 pounds to go...

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Well, I have lost 8 pounds. But that was after gaining 4 in March and April.

So actually down 4. But I have been going to the gym regularly, the scale is moving in the right direction again, and I generally just feel better.

I will turn 30 in January and have restated my goal to be fit before I hit that milestone...

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