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Wimbledon 2017

Al Dente

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A slightly more than half satisfying Wimbledon conclusion for me.  I was not happy about Venus' loss, especially how the 2nd set was played (or wasn't) by Venus.

I was very happy to see Federer win & cannot believe how well he looks, sounds and seems to feel.  His play is as good (better?) than ever this year.  And he may have more in the tank.

Got my tickets to several days of the US Open and now look forward to watching more great tennis there.  Reminder to all interested: the Quals are the week before the tournament and are free.  

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4 hours ago, DonRocks said:

Federer is 35; Ken Rosewall was 37 when he won the 1972 Australian Open.

"Ken Rosewall: 'I Admire Federer So Much" by Philip Anderson on tennisworldusa.org

One thing about this brief article which is a pet peeve of mine is it saying that "The 82-year old Australian tennis legend saw Federer outclass Tomas Berdych in straight sets ...."

Federer didn't "outclass" Berdych; he beat him. I've lost many a tennis match to flaming, cheating assholes (Federer is not one of them, but class has nothing to do with winning a tennis match). That's one thing I do not miss about competitive tennis: Individual sports, like tennis, are magnets for complete, total *jerks* that will stop at nothing to win - probably only about 10-20% of tournament players, but that's 10-20% too many.

I'll stop now.

PS - If Federer could somehow win the U.S. Open, he should be a unanimous selection for Sports Illustrated Sportsman (*) of the Year.

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I love watching Hingis play.  Several years ago, she played for the NY Sportimes & I was a member of the club so I saw every home match, including those where she played doubles with Johnny Mac.  I've also prioritized being courtside when she's played Mixed Doubles with Paes and Women's Doubles with Coco V. the past couple of years at the U.S. Open.  She's always upbeat, smiling, having fun & plays beautifully.  Great feel for the game & I'm happy for her Wimbledon win.

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