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Le Marais, Patrick Ascaso's Small French Bakery Chain in Several Area Locations

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Le Marais has a few branches in San Francisco. 

We had brunch at the Castro location today given that we live in the neighborhood.



On par with the ones at Tartine.  A bonus is that the staff at Le Marais has ZERO attitude which practically ensures that we'll be back.


Butter and jam.

The jam was nothing to write home about however.


Their hot chocolate was basically a cup of steamed cream with a shot of cocoa.

Oh well, can't get everything right all the time I suppose.


Croque monsieur with ham and gruyère, small salad.

Unlike at other places we've been to so far, Le Marais uses brioche instead of croissants for their croques.

Vinaigrette had a touch too much mustard and acid.


Duck confit with roasted potatoes, mushrooms and small salad.

Same issue with the vinaigrette here as above. Plate was otherwise perfect.

Le Marais
498 Sanchez (18th Street)
The Castro

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