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Had the pleasure of celebrating an anniversary at Flamant  in Annapolis last week.  Slightly off the beaten path as Flamant is in a house in west Annapolis.  This is a small and  intimate space as the house provides 3 dining rooms each with 3-4 tables.  This keeps the noise level way down but may be problematic in colder times as the front door opens into a dining room.

The food was very classic and refined.  The chef is Frederik De Pue, who has cooked in Washington and France previously.  Annapolis is just a much smaller and friendlier atmosphere with less dining competition and a town where patrons know each other well.  The menu is small but well executed with 5 snacks, 5 small plates and 5 entrees.   We had the green Gazpacho which was excellent and shared a veal shank which was amazing.

I didn't take picture like other here but will say that this is worth the trip.  If you live in Columbia, Laurel, Bowie, Baltimore then this isn't far and is that good. Here is a link to Tom's review though I would give this a solid 3 stars.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/food/a-belgian-chef-takes-his-charm-and-whimsy-to-annapolis/2017/07/25/f4a79b2e-6d6b-11e7-b9e2-2056e768a7e5_story.html?utm_term=.14411cd4cbec 

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Ate at Flamant Saturday and glad to see De Pue has found his stride in Annapolis as he expanded out the back to add a charming room with roaring fireplace.  Restaurant week menu ws limited but the execution and service superb.  I'll add this to my rotation as the food was great. 

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4 hours ago, vsrnlr said:

Eaten there numerous times already. Food is inventive and very good. He is working on another place in DC probably opening next year. 

I am hoping he doesn't do that.  Too much competition in DC and he will not be in Naptown cooking. 

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Flamant has pivoted several times in this pandemic to include delivery Wed-Fri, a market, fresh croissants Sat.  They recently opened for dinner Thurs-Sat with limited seating both inside and outdoor with a fixed prixe menu. We at there Friday night.

Snacks were a trio of small but superb nibbles including a perfect and plump oyster, pork belly cigar and 1/2 a soft shell crab.

Wife had a really interesting salad  with a truffle emulsion while I had charred Octopus.

Her main of duck breast was really good as it w

Her main of duck breast was really good as it was thinly sliced and perfectly grilled breast with sunchoke chips.  My fish was really good as well.

as thinly sliced and perfectly grilled breast with sunchoke chips.  My fish was really good as well.

Desert were really good.  Choices were a doughnut with gelato or a chocolate bomb.  Both were great.

Tables were really distanced and servers work both face masks as well as shields and gloves at all time.

Highly recommended.  Annapolis is not far from DC and walking in town afterwards is a real treat.  

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Flamant offers take in/delivery Thurs-Sat each week as well as a Wed pop-up.  This Saturday we brought in the bouillabaisse for 2 and it was spectacular.  I picked up a shopping bag with 7 containers and directions on how to cook/finish it at home.  Containers included the broth, vegetables, shellfish, shrimp and 2 types of white fish.   After heating the broth, the veggies and other ingredients were added and cooked for 5-6 minutes. This could have easily fed 3-4 but we were gluttons.  I choose bouillabaisse as it was a dish I was craving and do not make at home.

They offer about 5-6 meals like this on their take out menu.  Each entrée for 2.

Highly recommended and while we picked up they claim to deliver from DC to the Eastern Shore.

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