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Luzia - Cirque dul Soleil


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Luzia is the Cirque dul Soleil show that's in town right now.  I've been to many Cirque shows.  My favorites are the ones with incredible acrobatic feats (La Nouba in Orlando (now closed) and Mystere in LV Treasure Island).  The more recent ones tend to rely more on the exploitation of little Chinese girls and not much else and thus are generally disappointing to me.  Luzia is different though.  It has plenty of acrobatics, but there's also a water feature that's pretty astounding.  If clowns don't scare you, you should try to score some tickets for Luzia.  Just be prepared to pay $12 for a beer, $14 for a prosecco, $12 for popcorn, $5 when a vendor walks up and hands your child a flimsy butterfly and then asks you for $5.

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To be fair, the $12 popcorn has free refills.

I saw the show this weekend as well.  Best contortionist I've ever seen, and the best juggler that I've seen in a Cirque show.  All the water elements were well done and a nice surprise.  The storyline and costuming weren't as strong as Kurios, in my opinion, but it was a stronger show in terms of acrobatics.

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