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Lodging in Annapolis


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While not a hotel this is a boat docked in the heart  of Eastport, 2 minutes from downtown Annapolis.  I know the owner as I belong to the boating club.  https://www.vrbo.com/202132  This would provide a great Annapolis experience if available.  And sleeping on a boat is always better then sleeping on land.

This is a another place that I have heard great things about.  https://www.historicinnsofannapolis.com/  Again 2 minutes from downtown Annapolis.  Historic set of buildings and close to downtown.

Memorial day to Labor day is tourist season so pickings are slim.  The Westin would by my 3rd choice as you can still walk down West street to city dock.

Let me know if you need more info on what to do and see.  Anything that gets you on the water is recommended, from a harbor tour to a day trip to St. Michael's. .


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