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I had never before seen "A Fish Called Wanda." It is one of the smartest and best comedies I've ever watched, with all four leads (John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline, and Michael Palin) giving career-defining performances (even Cleese, as the straight-man, is uproariously funny, as well as just a great all-around actor). 

Kline won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar, but all four of these actors were sensational.

It takes a *lot* to make me laugh out loud, but this little question and answer made me bleat out like a sheep - it's so subtle that many people will miss it, but for me it was the perfect comedic moment.

"Who is this?"

"Don't you know?"

Screenshot 2018-07-29 at 12.59.56.pngScreenshot 2018-07-29 at 13.00.26.png

This movie is up there with "Dr. Strangelove" - if only there were a thousand comedies like this, I'd never leave the house.

There are a couple of scenes that devolve into sloppy excess (french fry scene, Curtis salivating), and they really detract from the movie as a whole, but if you can overlook them, you've got nearly two hilarious hours on your hands.

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This is one of my favorite movies.  I don't think I've seen it in over a decade, though, but this reminds me to watch it again soon.  It's also one of those movies where it is almost impossible to describe to somebody who has never seen it why it is a nigh perfect comedy; the plot description or scene breakdown borders on lunacy.  The rapport and timing amongst the leads are what drive it.

The pseudo-sequel Strange Creatures is almost worth a watch (same leads, but unrelated plot).  It shows flashes of the same brilliance, but never puts it all together in a memorable way.

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