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Eastern Kabob & Sweets

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Eastern Kabob & Sweets is located in the Sugarloaf Shopping Center in Germantown.  They have a buffet all the time, but I haven't tried it yet.  Each of the last two times I have visited I ordered chapli.  Each time it was amazing.  The first time I got the beef and my friend got the chicken.  Both were good, but the beef was better.  It had a nice char on it which added an additional layer of flavor.  The dish comes with two "patties" on a bed of rice, with shaved onion on top.  The platter also comes with so stewed chickpeas and naan.  It is a BARGAIN at $11.99.  There is a ton of flavor in the chapli.  The rice is also well seasoned and slightly spicy.  Each time I ordered the dish spicy, but the heat was a bit restrained--that's okay because it was packed with flavor.  As far as decor goes, it is bright and clean, with some flat screens playing Pakistani videos.  The staff is nice enough.  They also have some disco lights going.  They are open late Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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