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Texas Monthly Weighs in on the DC BBQ Scene


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Little surprise really that Texas Monthly would not be pleased.  Federalist Pig gets the only nod.

"Sonderman is still working hard on the D.C. barbecue scene from behind the counter at Federalist Pig, where a line had formed out to the sidewalk. The pitmaster welcomed us by name as we ordered an impressive sampling—we certainly weren’t an inconspicuous pair of barbecue eaters. Chicken wings flavored from smoke and crisped in the fryer were spectacular, as was a link of juicy jalapeño sausage made locally by Logan Sausage Company. Chunks of unsauced brisket burnt ends, mixed in with the fatty slices, had the advantage of more smoke and seasoning, and I preferred them to the sliced beef. I’m not even sure if there’s a designated menu item for burnt ends, but ask for plenty of bark on your brisket there.

A side of tomato and cucumber salad at Federalist Pig was a fresh respite from the heat. Still, I didn’t have any trouble with a few forks full of meaty pinto beans, the unusual barbecued green beans, or mac & cheese made with smoked cheddar. What nearly did me in were the ribs. I couldn’t stop. Each tender bite demanded another. The smoky bark glistened with a sweet glaze slathered over a black pepper rub. They were the best bite at the best barbecue joint I tried that day."


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On 8/15/2018 at 1:52 PM, dracisk said:

Aw, man, the cutter who denied the request for fresh brisket at Hill Country. 😱

Aaron Franklin has said Cutter is the most important position at his restaurant and one that takes years to work up to. Same at Katz' as I recall. This is the reason I guess. 

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