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Dining in Capital One Arena, Chinatown

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Apologies if this is not the right thread for this!  Last night I tried the Fuku stand in Capital One Arena - a new outpost of David Chang's fried chicken joints.

This is part of the major renovations done to the concessions at the arena.  There was buzz on the interwebs that these chicken sandwiches were fantastic, the highlight of the new concessions.  Already a Momofuku fan, I was anxious to try it, and luckily had a ticket to the Caps game!   The place was slammed before the game, but in the 2nd intermission, no line at all.  

I can report that the Fuku spicy chicken is a tasty sandwich.  A breaded thigh on a roll with sauce and pickles.  It did not taste freshly made - which I can understand given the circumstances, it was pretty late by then.  It was good but I wasn't feeling the radical devotion I was hearing about. Not particularly spicy but good flavor, enjoyed the pickles.   Tried the jalapeno french fries, and they seemed like standard fries, with a little bit of flavoring.   I'm a little spoiled by the Budlong hot chicken sandwich I had this year, my new standard bearer for the genre (am I mixing genres?)

I'll seek it out again at my next game, but I will not reserve extra stomach space for it, too much good stuff to fill up on outside the arena!

I noted one fan carrying an extra Fuku sandwich home on the Metro after the game.  He was committed.

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