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Peace Cross (1925-), Religious Monument on a Traffic Circle in Bladensburg


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"Supreme Court Will Take Case on Constitutional Challenge to Maryland's Peace Cross" by Robert Barnes and Ann E. Marimow on washingtonpost.com

Confession: In 1985, I spent 3 months working as a consultant for WSSC in Hyattsville. Driving in from White Oak, or going out to lunch, I'd pass Peace Cross quite often, and never gave it a thought, other than, 'Gee, this is kind of nice, having this monument in the middle of a traffic circle.'

Times have changed, and now, Peace Cross is (understandably) looked upon as 'government-sponsored religion,' and the case is going up to the Supreme Court.

I suspect it will either need to be privatized, or will need to be removed - such is the separation between church and state.

(And y'all think I just make shit up, instead of drawing off of real-life experiences!)

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