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Parc de Ville - Merrifield Bistro from the owners of Chez Billy Sud

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Desperate for something good after a week of really bad wine at a bad resort, we decided to try somewhere new to which we could bring our own bottle.  We decided to try the recently opened Parc de Ville in Merrifield.  This is a self-titled French Bistro and Wine Garden from the owners of Chez Billy Sud, located in the ill-fated former Gypsy Soul and Requin space.  While they've tried to give it a slightly more bistro-ish feel, the space doesn't look much different from its days as Requin.

While the menu is still in a little bit of flux relative to what is on the website, things were handled much more efficiently than I would have expected for a restaurant opened only one month.    Service was very good, attentive without being oppressive.  Staff was friendly but not over familiar.  Timing worked well, even though I dawdled a bit with my appetizer.  

The food was very good for a bistro type of restaurant.  This is not trying to be fine dining but that's not what we were seeking.  My wife really enjoyed her onion soup, a touchstone for her which has been disappointing in a number of places recently.  She opted for an omelette for her main which she thought was a very good lighter menu option.  I started with a chunky meaty pate which was just what I wanted - very tasty.  I had really been hoping for the lamb shank that is the online menu but, alas, it is no longer available with nothing comparable as a replacement.  The steak frites was actually very good, the NY strip a better cut than you normally see in that dish and cooked exactly to order, but it was really a second choice  and was picked largely because of the wine I brought.  Several people near us had the duck confit which looked very good and will likely be my or my wife's order on our next visit.

The wine list is largely bistro level, not bad but nothing really exciting.  The roughly 3x retail mark-up will probably lead me to keep bringing my own ($25 corkage, nothing on their list, which is not online).

Overall I'd give this a solid B+ at this point.  It was an enjoyable meal at the level advertised with good food and service.  I've never been to Chez Billy Sud so I can't give any comparison to that.  We will definitely be back.

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