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Tom really likes this place:


I was all set to bring my cousin here who will be visiting next week but then I saw this on their webpage:

We accept walk-ins only on a first come, first serve basis. We don’t take names nor have a waitlist. 

How welcoming!  The only missing was a "F*uck You for trying!" at the end.


I get why restaurants do this, but this seems to be taking things to a new, belligerent level.  It's like saying, we give zero shits about ease of access for our customers.  I mean, even Roses and Little Serow take names and have a waiting list!


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Hanumanh is more of a bar than their other restaurants. As the linked review says, "The majority of the seating involves stools and high tables." There is a patio out back with regular tables but I'm not sure if they're using it at this time of year. I only went once, last summer before they had to close/relocate for several months.

Edit: I originally pasted text from their website that said they have a waitlist when full. This page was found through google and is not accessible when you actually visit their website.

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