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Charga on Lee Hwy/Arlington

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I visited this place for the first time this week and was really happy with what I got. It is in the strip shopping center on Lee Hwy just east of George Mason, with Caribbean Grill on the west end of it. Charga has excellent food prepared by guys who really like food. Claudio spent the time to inform me about some of the nuances of each of the 3 dishes I considered. The menu is wide ranging and looks to have a lot of great dishes. The Charga flash fried chicken looked really good, but I was looking for lamb. I started with the chicken soup and the mint lemonade. The soup was rich, nicely full bodied and full of flavor with chunks of chicken and potatoes. The mint lemonade is home made and delicious. Then I got the main dish of lamb served on two types of rice with a nice salad of greens, beets, cucumbers and tomatoes. And it had another little bowl of an outstanding chole/chickpea dish. The lamb (ordered medium rare) was served hot and hot, very moist and mouth wateringly delicious. This was a really satisfying meal in every way. The lamb wasn't Prime, and it might not even have been Choice, but it was prepared well and it is really a nice dish. I will definitely be back.


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I couldn't tell from this write-up what part of the world Charga represents. The website doesn't really clear it up:

We bring you healthy street food from around the world to include delicious American, Mediterranean, Mexican, Pakistani, and Peruvian dishes. Fusion not in individual dishes, but in the available selection. Only the best dishes using the finest ingredients while keeping your well-being our first priority. Bon appetit! Buen Provecho!

That's quite the assortment of dishes. They even have chow mein on the menu!

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The menu is really eclectic. Baja bowl with black beans and plantains? Yep.

Chicken Shawarma or falafel? Yes indeed.

Charga, Sajji. Peruvian or Jerk Chicken? Pick your national cuisine because they have 4 dishes from 3 regions.

They have blackened salmon sandwiches, steak and cheese, pulled chicken, Halal Style Bowl, Nepali Momos, Carne Asada, Chow Mein, Lomo Saltado, red beans, black beans, chickpeas/chole, Kabobs and some nice seasoned potatoes...

Charga is from the Balochi region of Pakistan, and it is slowroasted skinless chicken that is finished by flash frying it for less than a minute right before it is served. Sajji is regular slow roasted chicken, again in a style similar to that of Balochi food.



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