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Baker's Daughter - Chef Matt Baker's Cafe

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@eatruneat and I were disappointed when we went by Baker's Daughter's Chinatown location last Monday only to discover that it was closed for some reason.  We had just returned to the city and didn't have anything for breakfast.  A Baked Joint bailed us out that day, but we had really been looking forward to trying the place out.  Fortunately another opportunity presented itself when a client wanted a very early meeting later on in the week.  I like to make breakfast for her each morning or at least have something she can heat up and the early morning client meeting threw a wrench in the works.  So, after the meeting ended earlier than expected, I decided to stop by Baker's Daughter on my way home as it was several hours until lunch and we needed something to carry us over.  I ordered the Chef's Breakfast Sandwich and am glad that I did.  You can tell that everything from the cheese to the ham to the bread had been sourced with care.  The bread was crunchy and just thick enough to support the gooey cheese, smokey bacon, ever so slightly salty ham and peppery arugula.  Sure, it's pricetag of $13 is a little steep for a breakfast sandwich and will probably keep us from going back as often as we'd like, but you can tell where the money was spent.  Had I not seen this sandwich come out of their almost non-existent kitchen with my own eyes I would never have believed it.  Not sure what we'll try there next - the breakfast tacos are high on the list for sure - but if the same care goes into the next thing we order as it did with the sandwich we had it will for sure be a winner

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