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Cajun Rice Dressing


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Deep fried chicken's great, with a rice dressing on the side. (Cajun "rice dressing" would be a meal in itself. Beef, pork and veal, trinity, scallions, roux, stock, and rice. We even throw shrimp in it when we have them. You get it with chicken livers instead at the plate lunch places, aka dirty rice. The Popeye's version does not compare.)

Don't get me wrong. I love pan fried chicken and really mean to check out Crisfield's!

But the Prudhomme Family Cookbook's recipe for deep fried chicken is something else! Seasonings really nail it.

Where can you find rice dressing around here? My wife is from Baton Rouge and I always look forward to eating rice dressing when I am down in cajun country. As I recall her mother always uses some pre-packaged meat mix, that's really good. You are correct the Popeye's version does not compare.

The Edna Lewis cook book calls for frying chicken with pieces of country ham. I might try that one day.

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It seems to me that around the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas etc. even Safeway and Giant sell packages of mixed ground meats. I doubt that people are using it for rice dressing (what do they make with it?), but that's how I use it. Otherwise I just buy small amounts of ground beef, pork and veal (or turkey) and put them in the mix.

Brown that, add trinity and scallions and cook until soft, add stock and roux, then cooked rice at the very end. I bet it's the roux that makes it.

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Oh yeah, meatloaf! I have to try that.

I am not familiar with the powdered roux. I make it myself or get it in a jar. If you make it yourself, it shouldn't take but a half cup for a dressing with 2-3 pounds of meat. If you use too much, it makes a thick sauce. It should be fairly thin because you will be adding cooked rice. It sounds like you are familiar with the consistency it should be. I like it much moister than Popeye's dirty rice.

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