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My Le, Downtown Silver Spring - Sigh, Gone.

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Rox asked

Where does that leave me in terms of recommending a great Vietnamese restaurant to people? I'm open for suggestions, because right now I have none.
Don't send them to My Le.

My Le is the tiny, grubby Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from Jackie's in downtown Silver Spring. And I mean grubby: there's a huge difference between run down or shabby, and skeevy enough to make you think twice about sitting on the chairs, and My Le crosses the line. Ian's charcoal grilled pork and rice had poor quality meat and dried out rice. Rice is one of the few foods that Ian will eat anytime, anywhere, but he had one bite of this and excused himself from the table. "Rare" beef salad was bits of overcooked meat swimming in chopped peanuts and a lime dressing sweet enough to draw flies. I will probably regret eating the raw vegetables it came with.

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