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Sweet Brown Rice


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A friend just sent me a bag of sweet brown rice. She raves about it, but she's only served it as one would regular rice; as a side dish. The bag says its good in puddings and desserts. I'm going to experement, with it and I'm looking for any input from the board.

I sort of think of traditional Chinese sweet/glutinous rice dishes... Eight treasure rice or possibly a sweet rice version of congee. I imagine that with brown rice it would give it a nice nuttiness. Another good option is a nice stuffing with Chinese sausage, scallions, etc. that you can stuff into the cavity of poultry, usually duck.

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As an update to the thread: I fixed the rice plain just to get a baseline for taste and texture. It reminded me most of Mcann's oatmeal, so now I'm thinking it would be great for citrus flavored summer salads, custardy desserts, etc. I like Xochitl 10's suggestion of cooking it with sweet squash or potato.

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