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Gunpowder Green Tea


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A few years ago I embarked upon a quest to wean myself from sodas, and in the process, simply created another addiction to tea. I make and consume large quantities of an iced green/herbal tea blend that I keep in the fridge. The green tea that I use has evolved over this time, and I now like Temple of Heaven gunpowder or pearl green tea. It is strong enough that I get a green tea flavor that can still be tasted even when mixed with the herbal teas, and I'm not wasting really good quality green tea with delicate flavors that would get lost in the mix. Plus, I love how the little leaves unfurl in the pot. :(

My source for tins of this tea has been Grand Mart or Super H when I make it all the way over to Fairfax (which isn't very often). But Grand Mart can be really annoying, because for the umpteenth time, and for no apparent reason, they have stopped carrying a product that I really like. Does anyone know of another source in NoVa that carries large-ish tins of green tea? I'd like to buy it in town rather than by mail.



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Which part of NoVa? since I consider Fairfax part of NoVa... There's that tea store in Tyson's, I think Teavana that probably sells something like it. Maybe Great Wall? Grand Mart and Super H are Korean-owned, so you might have a better shot at a predominantly Chinese grocery store. I find a lot of things at the Chinese ones that I don't find at the Korean stores.

I see what you're referring to specifically here. Other places not in NoVa, for anyone else interested, might be TenRen or one of the Chinese grocery stores if you maybe make it out to Rockville more frequently. And I know Wegman's has a pretty big tea section as well. Maybe the one dry goods shop in Chinatown on Seventh.

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You know, it's an odd predisposition of mine, but I don't like to buy tea by mail - I want to see it. I'm the same with spices, which used to put a big crimp on my cooking when I lived in places with poor shopping opportunities. Maybe I don't trust the vendors to choose the "right" package.

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