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Burritos En Fuego, Fells Point

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On a beautiful, sunny day, I snuck away from work for a few hours, and ended up grabbing a couple of burritos at Burritos En Fuego, sitting by the water amid the gulls and water taxis. A Breakfast Burrito ($7.75) with hot sauce was full of flavor, and by far the better of the two, with grilled chorizo, scrambled eggs, black beans, Monterey Jack, and Pico de Gallo. This would be a tremendous thing to eat when you're hung over. The Chorizo Burrito ($7.50) with medium sauce was stuffed mainly with yellow rice, a few black beans and chorizo, and was surprisingly bland. Guacamole ($4.00) used parsley instead of cilantro, and was adequate, while the chips which came with the burritos were industrial and ordinary.

More interesting is their website, which lists the restaurant as being for sale: $120,000 and the buyer gets the whole kit and caboodle.



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