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Thai Tanic, Southwest Logan Circle

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There seem to be 2 chefs at Thaitanic. When the good chef is on, the pad thai is fantastic -- just moist enough, not too sweet, the best. (the panang chicken is also good).

Then, sometimes, the not-good chef is working. The pad thai is dry, metallic, and too sweet.

It's still my go-to place for delivery but I know that about 30-40% of the time I'll get the bad chef. And, no, I have not figured out the schedule. Sunday is usally Thai night, and I've had both good and bad on that night.

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I tried the green curry with chicken today. Generally speaking, the name of the place may be in line with its fate. The curry was very watery and the rice came out a bit browned on the top. (Did they drain out all the fat from the coconut milk?) I was surprised to find real Thai eggplants in my curry though, and they were a pleasant surprise. Not too goopy or rat-brain-like in texture, instead quite firm. However, I felt like the curry didn't have quite enough flavor, and I like the viscosity so it will cling to my rice. A bite of my friend's drunken noodles yielded a blech moment for me. The pork had an odd mix of seasonings.

The Thai iced coffee my friend ordered was drowned with simple syrup. My friend compared it to sweet tea except with the burnt flavors of coffee. They used half and half instead of evaporated milk or sweetened condensed milk.

May be an option of last resort for when I'm craving Thai near the office, but generally speaking I'd end up happier going to Popeye's across the street.

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