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Memorial Day Cookout


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Folks I've been smoking the good stuff for close to sixteen hours now. By which I mean meat, with fruitwood, of course. I've been dry aging a whole ribeye for the past couple weeks, which I put in my fearsome Tirenan cooker last night at 8:30. 12 hours later, and voila:


I am now halfway through the ribs (20 lbs of beautifully trimmed spareribs), which are smoking over apple and cherry:


Bordering the ribs are several feet of my homemade boudin blanc. Also on the menu is some kind of spring asparagus/pea/lemon zest rice thing, paella-ish, and my first annual deviled egg competition! If my calculations are correct, I'm expecting 144 deviled eggs to be offered up today. As the saying goes, "huevo duro, pedo seguro", so I have also stocked up on air freshener. Ahem, anyway updates are forthcoming. What are you cooking on this unspeakably gorgeous holiday weekend?

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I just put two racks of dry-rubbed spare ribs in my Weber Kettle, with Kingsford briquets, wet hickory chips, and drip/steam pans underneath with a mixture of white wine/water and aromatics in them.

The Weber Kettle is not ideal for slow-cooking full racks of ribs, due to its size and shape. They do sell special racks for holding ribs perpendicular to the grate, but I don't cook ribs often enough to justify the purchase of same.

I made the dry rub this morning--slightly different than the rub mixture I usually make for steak and chicken, in that it has some sugar in it. I can't give exact measurements, since I eyeball and smell as I go, to get the right amounts. Contents of rub:

Pimenton dulce (Spanish smoked paprika)

Hungarian hot paprika

kosher salt

black pepper




ancho chile powder

garlic powder



Chinese five spice (for a hint of fennel seed and star anise)

powdered maple sugar

brown sugar

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Memorial Day BBQ included: bacon, pastrami, skirt steak fajitas, and baby back ribs. Bacon and pastrami were both cured for about a week prior, and then smoked at 160F with maple and hickory chunks for about 7 hours. The skirt steak was marinated in lime juice, roasted and ground cumin/coriander/cayenne chiles/chipotle chiles, salt, and oil before being grilled on the Weber over ALOT of hardwood charcoal. The baby backs were rubbed with brown sugar, salt, and roasted/ground spices, oven braised for 4 hours in cider vinegar and beer, then smoked for an hour over maple and hickory, then finished on the grill with a maple and bourbon glaze. Dessert was a nice, light raspberry mint sorbet.

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Memorial Day variations of the domestic pig and Catalan inspired grub

Goodbye cruel world. Going to a better place.


His and hers Virginian Iberian porchetta.


18 month serrano ham, cheese.


Very large cast iron cauldron of pork & beans.


Lamb shoulders, chorizo, andouille.


Golden pomfret and artichoke escabeche, buquerones with piquillo and Castel Vetrero olives.


Nice and cripsy.


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