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Bada Bing Bada Beef, Dundalk

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Thank the lord, real pit beef is not dead in the city. Seems like fake pit beef is spreading out of control in the area. Many places now seem to use straight-up deli cuts, expose them to an open flame for a few minutes, and pass it off as the genuine article. Well we are not rubes dammit! Anyway, I knew there used to be a spot in Dundalk that was good, and I finally made my way back. I did not however, realize it was named Bada Bing Bada Beef. Despite this uh, whimsical attribute, this place is the real deal. Sandwiches are constructed from sturdy, cornmeal-y kaiser rolls and unapologetic shards of meat hewn from big, fatty, bloody hunks of top round (though I was told they may be switching to bottom round due to rising costs). Fries were very good, sauces and accoutrements were pretty run of the mill. The sweet tea is no joke - liquid diabetes in a styrofoam cup. I haven't been to the Canopy in a while, but for now this is my top pit beef spot.

I got my beef medium rare, of course:


A telltale sign of true pit beef, bloody bread yeehaw!


Pit ham was excellent as well, though it could have been better trimmed of fat:


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I love the name! I'll bet they have good, um, buns there...

Baltimore is so close, yet so insular insofar that B'more has this excellent pit beef, and I've never heard of anywhere in the DC area that serves it. Roast beef sandwiches are very popular in Philly, so your sandwich is positively drool-worthy to me, Henry.

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Went to Bada Bing Bada Beef Friday night- kinda disappointed.

My medium rare sandwich turned out more medium well. Fries were soggy as well.

I don't know it the signs there of being under new management are new or not, but I know that at my fave, Canopy, there is more consistency of quality.

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