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Korean for both BBQ and Vegetarians


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Folks, I was wondering I could get some DR help with this. My parents are in town and I'm trying to figure out places to take them for meals. Since I live near Annandale, I obviously thought of Korean. But, the problem is that one really likes good BBQ like bulgogi, etc. and the other is a vegetarian (no fish, stock, etc.). Thus my usual standby of Gamasot is out since its menu has exactly *zero* dishes without meat (not even ye olde veggie bibimbap).

So, I was wondering if the community here knew of any good Korean restaurants that are relatively vegetarian-friendly? I've thought of that Lighthouse Tofu restaurant, but I don't really think of its barbeque meats when I think of it (but maybe it's good?). Other places I've considered are ones whose banchan include like 2 or 3 cured fish/meaty dishes or the like which wouldn't interest either one probably.

Any suggestions?

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I have the same challenge of trying to find a Korean restaurant that has vegetarian options for my husband. It's hard to find Korean restaurants that are vegetarian friendly, much less have one vegetarian dish on the menu.

We go to Yechon because it has a vegetarian Japanese dish, the Vegetable Yakisoba, which reminds me of lo mein. From the taste I had, I didn't care for the sauce though. You can probably get vegetable sushi too.

We used to go to Woo Lae Oak in Pentagon City because they had a vegetarian section on their menu, and since the PCity one is closed, we're actually going to the one in Tyson's tonight for that same reason.

You mention Lighthouse Tofu - do they offer vegetarian broth there? (I've never asked).

As you mention, you could go someplace with bi bim bap on the menu and ask for it with no meat, although the language barrier could potentially be an issue.

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