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Sam Woo, Rockville Pike in North Rockville - Closed

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Mediocre-bordering-on-not-good meal at Sam Woo on Rockville Pike last nite.

Grover has apparently ruined other Korean restaurants for me. After some incredible Korean meals in NoVa, Sam Woo just doesn't stand up any more. Panchan were bland, kimchee had no kick, mandoo were crispy but flavorless. My memory held that the table-bbq items were good, but "korean style bacon" was barely different than american-style bacon, but had no flavoring, sauce, or marinade, and "spicy shrimp" were not spicy at all. And they don't currently have a liquor license. Also, understaffed so service was poor.

We were deciding between Sam Woo and Vit Goel, and my wife decided she'd rather have BBQ instead of soup. Next time, Vit Goel. Sam Woo is off the list.

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Dan, I will give you the rated list of Korean Restaurants done by Koreans.

Korean Restaurants in DC metro area

According to this list, Sam Woo is rated 4.8 out of 10.

You could have gone to Vit Goel because Short rib BBQ is on their menu.

Oh, NOW you tell me. :lol:

We knew that Vit Goel had a few dishes on their menu, but we didn't recall Sam Woo being as disappointing as it was.

Lesson learned. Next time, consult grover first.

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