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  1. Braised chicken thighs with whole wheat orzo, kale, and spinach Roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon
  2. Last night I made the Pork Tenderloin Agrodolce with Squash Rings from Smitten Kitchen Every Day, plus a baked potato with sour cream. It was good, but I ended up with not enough of the agrodolce sauce. It called for a small red onion and I only had a very large one, so I used what I thought would be the equivalent of a small one, and it wasn't enough. I went a little light on the other ingredients to compensate but that meant there was too little for the rest of the recipe. Overall good, though. I'll make sure I use an actual small onion next time!
  3. I used Amazon Locker for the first time today--at the H Street Whole Foods--and was pretty impressed. When I checked out online, I couldn't find the link to request a low locker (though there apparently is one), but it wasn't a problem. The locker with my package was in the middle of the bank of lockers, and even sub-5-foot me had no problem getting the package. The highest row might have posed a bit of a problem but wasn't impossibly high. FYI: Once you place an order, you can't go back to request a low locker. I had a lengthy customer service experience with online chat while they tried to figure out how to do that from their end, and it cannot be done. And while I was in the store, I picked up a rotisserie chicken...So, yeah, this acquisition was a brilliant move by Amazon.
  4. That taco rice is sure getting a workout...and there's still some left. Last night it was the stuffing for cabbage rolls in sweet and sour tomato sauce. I also made a very simple salad of kale and avocado with the last of some citrus-champagne vinaigrette I'd made days before.
  5. Bean, chile, and cheese burritos Leftover taco-spiced rice with ground chuck added The original rice didn't have any meat in it and I found the spicing a bit too strong. It was better with an extra shallot and 1/2 lb. of browned ground chuck added.
  6. Tuesday: Trader Joe's cheese and green chile tamales (from the fresh case; not as good as when I've had them in the past) Refried beans Taco-spiced rice Steamed broccoli Last night: Chicken salad sandwiches on oat bran bread from Spring Mill Breads Leftover smoked gouda and green chile mac and cheese I sort of threw together the components for the sandwiches from what I had on hand, and they turned out really well. The chicken salad had a yogurt-mayo dressing base with grainy Dijon, orange marmalade, raisins, celery, shallot, s+p, and toasted slivered almonds. There was also lettuce, which made the sandwiches just a tad too bulky. I've never really liked orange marmalade, but I made a beef roast recipe recently that called for it as an optional ingredient, so I picked up a jar last-minute at Eastern Market of McCutcheon's juice-sweetened orange marmalade to use. It was expensive getting it there, so I'm determined it's not going to get pushed to the back of the refrigerator and languish there. This has to be the best orange marmalade I've tried. At least it's the only one I've liked, though I'd really given up on it, so I don't know the last time before now that I've tried it.
  7. Leftover pork sausage balls with sriracha Turkey - sweet potato chili with cilantro, sour cream, lime, and lime tortilla chips
  8. Thanks, Don. Should Torai have its own page? BTW, they're closed on Mondays, which I had been told before I tried to go there on a Monday but forgot.
  9. Cafe Kimchi has closed. The space is now open under (I believe) different ownership with a new name and prettier look. The new restaurant is Torai, which serves Korean and Japanese food. Yelp link (obligatory "Sorry, Don.") Someone I know who lives nearby told me about the change and said that the food is quite good and a step up from Cafe Kimchi. I have not been in to eat here yet and, for that matter, only got food at Cafe Kimchi once. I forget what it was but it wasn't something that traveled too well. Given the small space, takeout probably remains the best option here, though there is some seating. The space is at 751 8th Street, SE, next to District Doughnuts.
  10. Salad of baby arugula, radishes, cucumber, green bell pepper, button mushrooms, avocado, feta, and toasted walnuts; citrus - champagne vinaigrette Brown rice and millet ramen with kale and button mushrooms Leftover brisket and vegetables
  11. I thought there was a topic for this but apparently there isn't. Mel Inman has sold the business. The new owner/name is S. L. Mendoza Market Poultry. Despite being in the market a lot, I hadn't stopped by there real recently until today, but I had heard during the summer (and then gotten confirmed during the summer) that it was being sold. One of the people told me it was being sold to someone who worked elsewhere in the market. The last time I had been there, Mel was the only one working. Today, it wasn't busy but there were multiple employees present. I can't say the service was great, but I don't know how long they've been up and running. Whether they will continue to have more exotic birds or not, I have no idea. Some of the signs looked the same (and they had the Redskins game on the TV), but other things looked different. People who go there a lot undoubtedly know this, but FYI.
  12. Friday night: Salad of Napa cabbage, baby arugula, radishes, red bell pepper, feta, and toasted walnuts; fig-balsamic vinaigrette Slow-cooked beef brisket with onions, potato, and carrots Last night: Leftover salad Leftover Chicken Parmesan meatballs Smoked gouda macaroni and cheese Roasted butternut squash
  13. In his chat last Wednesday, Tom said that it was sold to someone who was going to make it a Taiwanese restaurant with craft beers.
  14. I used to get to that Bailey's location much more than I do now, but I've always found the food and service pretty good when I've been.
  15. Baguette slices with seasoned extra virgin olive oil Pan-seared lamb loin chops Polenta wedges topped with sautéed shiitakes Wilted kale I plated this so the lamb chops were resting on the polenta and it it was all on a bed of kale.