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  1. The Vietnamese-themed spice-roasted chicken is worth the half hour lead time it takes for it to be prepared. Whoa, that was good. My husband has been forgoing chicken skin to reduce saturated fat in his diet, but he made an exception for the skin on this chicken. This was beautifully prepared, crisp on the outside, moist and tender on the inside. The sticky rice underneath was wonderful too, as were the greens and the chili-lime dipping sauce.. We enjoyed four smaller plates while the chicken was being cooked. The timing worked out just right. I think I might have eaten the broiled oysters too quickly to appreciate them fully. They arrived first and I was famished. We loved the Bavarian white sausage, with the spaeztli, savoy cabbage, and golden raisins. That was my second favorite plate of the night, after the chicken. We enjoyed the quinoa-crusted salmon, and the accompaniments mitigated a bit of the crunchiness of the crust. I guess I'm not sure how I feel about quinoa as a crust. The salmon was excellent, and I liked the combination of ingredients (lentils, etc.). We also ordered the carrots and parsnips, and the labne does work well with them. I really wanted to order the blue cheese dessert plate but was just too full. Waiting for my husband to arrive, I ordered a bottle of the Prairie Standard at the bar, and that took me all the way through dinner. That's a rather robust beer. Neighborhood-wise, it's amazing how built up the area back there is now. I hadn't been down near the Yards in a while.
  2. How was the ice cream ^ made? Tonight is Meatballs Marsala from Smitten Kitchen Everyday (except made with sherry) and leftover spinach in puff pastry.
  3. A friend suggested going here after a movie at E Street. I was hungry and pizza sounded fine, but I've never been interested in going to any of these shops. I decided to be adventurous and less cranky, so we hit the E Street location.. We got the basic one (OG, I think), and added a second type of mozzarella. With the addition, I think the total for a pizza was $11.50. It's like a flatbread/slipper bread but very thin. For a snack, shared between two people, it was fine. The service seemed pretty good. I might like this as a happy hour bar food. I've got no real interest in trying it again, though if I'm really hungry and it's there...
  4. Braised pork loin with rosemary Mashed potatoes Mixed vegetables I had some leftover cooked kale with bacon that I was going to reheat and serve as a vegetable but decided last minute that it had been sitting in the refrigerator just a bit too long, so I tossed that and quickly boiled some of the frozen mixed vegetables I keep on hand for putting into soup. They were adequate.
  5. Last night we had some of the leftover spinach in puff pastry, with more of the tzatziki on the side. In addition, I made a cheese "soufflan" recipe from Jacques Pepin that I saw on the Post website. It's a mixture of eggs, cottage cheese, whipped cream cheese, salt, pepper, and chives. It goes in the oven in a greased cast iron skillet for about 40 minutes until it's puffed and brown on top. Really good, easy recipe.
  6. I made chicken gyros with the tzatziki. Really good. We also had leftover tomato soup and baked sweet potato fries.
  7. Creamy tomato soup garnished with salmon and dill Spinach in puff pastry Lamb rib "lollipops" and tzatziki The soup and pastry combo was intended to be a riff on grilled cheese and tomato soup. (The spinach filling had both Gruyere and Parmesan. Recipe from Ina Garten's Barefoot in Paris.) There was a little bit of salmon left from the previous night's dinner, which was beautiful sliced and presented on top of the soup. I had intended for this to be the entire meal but saw some very small (about 1 3/4 oz. each) frenched rib chops at Whole Foods. We had 4 each, marinated in lemon juice and olive oil for a while and then seared briefly in a cast iron skillet. I'd guesstimate we each got about 4 oz. of meat. It was just enough, not too much. Tonight I'll have to do something with the excess tzatziki. It didn't make a lot but there's still plenty left.
  8. Tortellini en brodo Brown sugar salmon with roasted asparagus
  9. Last night was leftover spicy mac and cheese and leftover broccoli rabe and turkey sausage. Really good combination, actually. Tonight is a roasted chicken plus a couple of extra legs, roasted yukon golds, asparagus, and brussels sprouts.
  10. I spatchcocked what was left of the rotisserie chicken (we had eaten mostly the drumsticks previously) and reheated it on a sheet pan under the broiler to get the skin crisped up again and more browned. Underneath the chicken I put a mix of cooked wild and brown rice, chopped dates and scallions, and a little torn bread from a staling baguette. So we had chicken with the rice stuffing, roasted butternut squash (previously roasted and reheated) and kale braised with bacon cut into lardons.
  11. Broccoli rabe sauteed with Italian turkey sausage, served over shirataki fettuccine noodles
  12. Romaine, Bibb lettuce, tomato, and ranch dressing Cornbread Beef barley vegetable soup Rotisserie chicken Leftover spicy mac and cheese
  13. It would be odd to keep the name, wouldn't it? I included the "might" because I'm a little skeptical. The report on Popville was based on someone having gotten a text from them because of a Groupon the person wanted to redeem. The Groupon, according to that account, had been purchased after the restaurant had already closed. When I heard last month that they were selling Groupons, I figured they were really hurting. In fact, the person who mentioned the Groupons to me back then asked if the restaurant was even still open.
  14. Meatballs Stroganoff over leftover rice pilaf + peas