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  1. I couldn't figure out what to do for dinner so I ordered Doordash from here last night. It seems like it's just cheaper and easier to go to the actual restaurant, so I hadn't ordered from them before. The food arrived in about half an hour. It traveled well and arrived hot. I ate about half each of a meat shawarma and a shawafel sandwich and put the rest away for today. I also ate probably half of the fries I ordered (and ditto), but I always forget that I just don't care for the za'atar on them. It's not like they're bad. It just seems like there's an excessive amount of the dried spices and it just doesn't go together for me. Their food is generally solid (as was this order), and I miss their stand at Nats Park.
  2. More of the salad in summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce. Very good (except I could be better at rolling the rolls...)
  3. Tonight is Chicken and Vegetable Salad with Asian Dressing, an Ellie Krieger recipe from the Post. I used a prepared broccoli slaw, which includes carrots and red pepper, to make this. I used most of the meat from 2 baked chicken breast halves (the rest went to a happy cat). I ate this as is, without the lettuce leaves. It strikes me that making rice paper (summer) rolls with this would be really good too. Will be making this again, in some form.
  4. I thought that was one of the odd things about the review: The back room at Palena was a very high-end experience. I don't know if that revisionism was for a reason or if he's simply forgotten how fancy it was given the number of years and restaurants reviewed.
  5. Roasted pork tenderloin (coated with dijon, rosemary, and homemade whole wheat breadcrumbs) Mac and cheese (cavatappi and cheese from the freezer with ham, gorgonzola, and extra milk and Parmesan)
  6. Just because I came across this: http://www.grubstreet.com/2017/09/olive-garden-sells-22-000-pasta-passes-in-less-than-a-second.html
  7. Took me a while to find this post again. I saved the directions for the figs, though. Very, very good. Thank you, Trelayne. I roasted the figs and then served them over of a bed of baby arugula that had been coated with some of the same dressing, and then topped the plate with dollops of whole milk ricotta. So very good. The rest of the meal was slices of a whole wheat sourdough boule from Whole Foods with butter. To drink: more of the Pinot Noir, 2015 Tri-County Verada Pinot Noir from CA that I bought on promotional special at Total Wine.
  8. Independent restaurants--or independent concepts backed by larger groups--don't necessarily refuse to take reservations. I could have put this in News and Media, and perhaps Don would prefer it there.
  9. Rice pilaf with leftover shredded chicken breast mixed in near the end of cooking
  10. On August 29, in an article titled "Wish List for New Restaurants," Wells mentions Bad Saint as the type of restaurant he would like to see more of, instead of more and more restaurants opened by the established power players "at the top of the ladder." Interesting piece.
  11. Pizza with red sauce, tomato, mushrooms, olives, jack/pepper jack/parmesan cheese, and hot pepper flakes
  12. Squash blossom and shrimp quesadillas
  13. According to the P & P website, the coffee bar has now closed. It will be reopening as Little Pearl at some point in the fall in the old Bayou Bakery spot at the Hill Center/Old Naval Hospital. There is a link at that page to follow them on Instagram. This is the Instagram page, which has not yet been updated.
  14. It was fun being there when they clinched yesterday, worth the extra 90 minutes watching the 7th - 11th innings of the Marlins - Braves game on the Jumbotron. (Also VERY odd to be rooting for the Braves. The folks in the stands doing the tomahawk chop really went above and beyond...) There weren't a whole lot of us left when the players came back out on the field wearing their division champion shirts, but we were enthusiastic. It was cool having the players throw swag up to us, even though I'm sure they'd rather have been popping corks instead. I ended up with some curly W beer coozies . Harper looked good out there, seemed to be moving fine. (Or maybe that's just my willful delusion.) Strasburg pitched really well, just those two hits to Franco, but appeared to be cramping again. To his credit, Lively was also very good, even if he wasn't pitching to our top players. It was a pitcher's duel for a good long time and a fast game. The depth of the team is amazing, when they can field mostly 2nd and 3rd stringers and perform so well. All three of the starting outfielders began the season in AA. The future is now, I guess. I cannot believe how fast Robles is. He's got to be faster than Turner, which in itself is astonishing. I looked back in towards the infield after he hit that ball to the outfield, expecting to see him approaching second base and he was already 1/3 of the way to third! Too bad he couldn't stay on the base. Turner's home run landed very near us, the closest I've ever been to a home run ball. That turned out to be the difference in the game, a homer from the only Opening Day starter in the lineup. That factoid alone doesn't come close to representing the game, though. I heard somewhere yesterday (it may have been Bob Carpenter being piped in over the PA) that this was the 6th fastest a team has ever clinched its division. He said something about the '75 Reds, so they must have been the fastest, given that those were the peak years of The Big Red Machine. I hope the Nats enjoy their day off today, after 21 games in 20 days.
  15. We arrived about an hour and a quarter before the game today, ordered food right away, and wondered if we would make first pitch. (In the end, we did.) We both got lobster rolls and fries. I got mine buttered and my friend got hers dressed, which she had eaten before and enjoyed. I'm not quite sure what else goes into "dressed" besides mayo. The lobster meat was sweet and delicious. The roll is top split and toasted and very good. The fries are fantastic and a generous portion. Between the two of us, we've been there five times and have found the service slow. (Two of her visits were not on game days.) With a lobster roll, fries, and one beverage a piece, we each paid $44 with tax and tip. That's kind of a lot for brunch/lunch, though okay when compared with how much things cost at the ballpark.