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  1. Baguette and butter Sweet and sour orange chicken Leftover rice with vegetables Corn on the cob with butter I used more of the excess marmalade from the sweet and sour orange chicken thighs and with cubed chicken breast this time. The chicken was served over the reheated leftover rice and topped with chopped cilantro. The corn was an impulse purchase because I was outside Eastern Market right as the vendors were closing down, and they were slashing their prices to unload produce before leaving. I got 4 ears of corn and a quart of strawberries for a grand total of $2. Coincidentally, that was the same price I paid for a bunch of cilantro inside. I still have a little of the marinade left. I think I'm going to buy a pork tenderloin at Trader Joe's and marinate that.
  2. I'd check with your top choices to see if they could accommodate the vegetarian teens without making them feel awkward. Since definitions of vegetarianism vary, do they eat fish/seafood?
  3. Roasted cod with butter and dill Roasted asparagus Greek spinach - tortellini salad The salad recipe was from bhg.com, and it wasn't particularly Greek, except for the use of feta, lemon, and olive oil. I thought some olives would have been good in it but didn't feel like fussing with an extra ingredient. That's kind of the way yesterday went...
  4. Someone must have heard my complaining. They called Trevor Gott back up and put Grace on the 10-day DL.
  5. Interesting view from another side: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-kershaw-scherzer-plaschke-20180420-story.html
  6. Brisket tacos and accompaniments (flour tortillas, chopped avocado, sliced radishes, halved cherry tomatoes, sour cream, pan sauce, cole slaw)
  7. Oh, I totally understand why they DFA'd Cole. That needed to happen. But bringing up the guy they signed March 30 who is 35 years old, that I'm questioning.
  8. I miss Matt Albers too, though it looks like he might be off to a slow start this season (or, small sample size). What I don't get is why they finally DFA'd Cole and brought up someone named Carlos Torres from Syracuse who is 35 years old. Our bullpen skews old to begin with. This baffles me. Pitchers arms age faster now because of how young they start throwing hard and very often. Bryan Harper, BTW, has a 0.00 ERA through 6.1 innings with the Senators. They sent him all the way to AA, presumably because he's still rehabbing from TJ surgery. He looked pretty good in ST, especially for someone who hadn't pitched in games for a year and a half.
  9. Back to the tried and true last night. I really, really did not feel like making dinner. I almost ordered from Doordash, but there were so many options, I couldn't figure out what I wanted. Instead I headed over to 7th Hill and got 2 sandwiches for our dinner, one of the tuna and one of the turkey. That way we could each have half of each. I ate my turkey half last night and kept the tuna for today. I had never ordered the soup of the day here, but my husband is getting over a cold and I thought he'd like some soup. It was smoked paprika tomato soup. Several people sampled and then ordered it while I was there. I hadn't known to ask for a sample, so I never did taste any. My husband enjoyed it.
  10. They did that when Xavier re-bought his old restaurants. Most of them changed names, either slightly or completely, when they revamped. The Hawk's name obviously didn't change, nor Willie's Brew and 'Cue (that is one of his, right?), and Lola's name might have changed ever so slightly or not. The question as to whether he still has an ownership (or stake in one) at Boxcar seems open to dispute. I've had someone reliable tell me that the current owner is the wife of one of his business partners, but I do not know if that is the case for sure.
  11. Last night we had the leftover chicken wings, along with steamed green beans, rice, and broccoli. I mixed the remaining cheese sauce-heavy cauliflower in with rice and broccoli for serving. I used the last of some homemade chicken broth to cook the (white) rice.
  12. I was unhappy Madson was left in so long. At his age (though I know he doesn't feel it) three games in a row and 4 out of 5 is an awful lot, and once they started to get to him, he should have been out of there. It also ticked me off that they sent Gott down, since he's still got an option, when he's been pitching quite well. He deserved to stay. I understand they don't want to lose the people with no options left, but Cole hasn't made e real strong case for staying. They finally cut the cord on Romero and he may do well in Pittsburgh, along with the Nats' former closer formerly known as Felipe Rivero. Maybe Cole would do better in an another system. Maybe Gott will come back later to spell someone and will provide a boost later in the season.
  13. Leftover spiced beef matzo soup Sweet and sour marmalade-glazed oven baked chicken thighs Orange cauliflower with fresno pepper cheese sauce Roasted whole multi-colored curried carrots I'm really liking making whole roasted carrots with olive oil, seasoned mostly with curry powder. I let that spill over onto the cauliflower too, so that gave a slight bit of curry accent to the cauliflower in cheese sauce. I had too much sauce for the amount of cauliflower, so I bought a new small cauliflower to cook and add to the leftovers. The marmalade glaze made way too much, so I'm going to cook some other chicken with it in a few days.
  14. Romaine salad, cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumber; ranch dressing Pepperoni garlic bread Charred sumac and oregano chicken wings Those wings have become a regular in the rotation, such as I have a rotation. They are awesome. It involves cleaning 3 grill pans to get the grilling part of them done in a somewhat efficient fashion, but, otherwise, these are easy.
  15. Too bad the nickname "The Splendid Splinter" is already taken. That Harper broken bat home run was incredible. I wonder how one would estimate how far that would have gone had not so much of the energy gone into the bat and its destruction. I think FP said it went 406 or 408 ft. Wow.