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  1. I enjoy the gyro platter with extra olives from marthon.
  2. AHH HA so thats what the deal is. I guess I will have to go directly after work but the traffic in that area SUCKS!
  3. I didnt know PitaPlus was opened whenever i stop in at the greek place next door Pita Plus is always closed and it has an abandoned look. How do the gyros at Greek Deli Express compare with Pita Plus in College Park?
  4. I used to frequent South Street Steaks in College Park, the last time I got a cheesesteak there I was disappointed. It seems like they switched the brand of meat they used and it was horribly fat and tough. To the point that I could not chew or swallow it. . I will give them another chance this weekend to see if it has gotten better.
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