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Village Kabob, South Falls Church

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After passing Village Kabob dozens of times, I finally made it in. It's hard to write much about an empty restaurant with a hidden kitchen when you're only getting carryout, but I have a good feeling about this place. The meat is Halal, and there's a pretty equal division of Afghan and Latino dishes - it's a restaurant where you can get both a goat karahi and a cheese pupusa.

They had a few steam-table items behind the counter, and I ordered what was (erroneously?) labeled Carne Guisada. I got a large amount of stewed chicken served with boiled potatoes over rice, with sides of mixed vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots) and undressed salad. The most impressive thing about this dish is how healthy it is - even though there's a depth of flavor, it's super-clean and not greasy at all. A very welcoming gentleman behind the counter charged me all of $9.42 (including tax) for this big plate of food, threw in a couple homemade tortillas, and reminded me to get a soda on the way out.



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