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New Year's Resolutions 2009

Scott Johnston

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1) Lose 30 pounds

2) Learn to make sausage

3) Eat more Fish

4) Go to 12 new restaurants and post about them

5) Bake more

6) Re-landscape the backyard and have a big party!

7) Use my DR.com membership card at least once

8) Eat more veggies

9) Party with the rockheads

10) Start a DR dinner club (details to follow)

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1) Post more, even if it is just a crappy meal in the burbs

2) Post in the dinner thread once a month

3) Cook something worthy of the dinner thread once a month

4) Find new and interesting foods to share with BLToddler (Mr. BLB suggestions of kumquats last week was an abject failure.)

5) Join a CSA or eat from the farmers market during the spring, summer and fall

6) Try one new (to me) high end place this year

7) Get back to Palena. I don't think I've been since my birthday....

8) Lose 30 pounds

9) Eat more veggies

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1. Landscape my yard to include a gorgeous, highly productive veggie garden and berry patch

2. Finish various renovations and projects in the house so we can have people over for dinner more often

3. Exercise more so I can eat more

4. A corollary to #3, walk to a meal instead of driving if it is 2 miles or less from home

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I'm going to add another one. I want to use my cookbooks more instead of relying on the internet so much.
I find that I use the internet more when I have ingredients and want to figure out what to do with them. When I plan ahead, I follow cookbook recipes more. Maybe we should revive Heather's thread with the cookbook challenge? I enjoyed that for a while.
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