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  1. I too will be following with interest. Isn't cancer punishing enough without these crappy dietary machinations? Heather, would you like for me to prepare a meal that fits these requirements for you sometime? Could be a fun project if you feel like driving out here.
  2. I really liked the midget white turkey I sampled from Ayrshire Farm on Monday. You can order one of their heritage breed turkeys via their website or at their Home Farm store in Middleburg, VA. Not inexpensive, but delicious.
  3. I'm doing a cookout for 110 people soon, and would like to offer something decent in the way of burgers--something better than the standard offerings from Costco type places. I can make my own patties, but I do not have a meat grinder to make my own ground beef. I am considering Urban Burger as an option but wondered if ya'll had any other ideas. Thanks.
  4. Not Anson Mills. Old Mill of Guilford. (Although Anson Mills does also make good grits.)
  5. You couldn't find either at The Common Market or My Organic Market? Really? You can probably find both at the Whole Foods in Gaithersburg.
  6. My pit beef sandwich sucked. I tried putting BBQ sauce on it to see if it improved matters and was rewarded with an excess of liquid smoke. Ick. OTOH, the ice cream that lady was churning in the barn was really good.
  7. This is a very fun event. I've taken my son before and we both had a great time.
  8. This book is SERIOUSLY AWESOME. Can't wait to start adding some of those dishes--especially the pomegranate shrimp on the cover--to my rotation. And I loved the stories Monica included in the book. There are even cocktail recipes in there! Great job, Monica.
  9. If you're eating on Disney property, here is a rundown of some options.
  10. They charge $1 for unlimited filtered water, sparkling or still. They have a Natura filtration system in-house. The last time I was there, there was a notation on the menu to this effect, but there was no verbal acknowledgement when we were offered water. I don't remember being offered ordinary tap water, but I didn't ask for it either. I like the Natura water, and $1 is pretty cheap for all the filtered water I desire.
  11. The Glatt Chinese place (Royal Dragon) has been pretty bad the few times I've eaten there. (My brother is Orthodox and doesn't live in a community with a Kosher Chinese restaurant, so it's a big thing for him to get it when he's visiting me.) Not recommended unless you're Orthodox. Gloppy and tasteless. I read a fascinating story about the history and Kosher duck scandal at this restaurant recently. It's in The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8. Lee. It's in the chapter on why Chinese food is the chosen food of the Chosen People. Highly, highly recommended reading. But not highly re
  12. Just save the chicken fat off the top of your chicken stock. I chill stock overnight, pick off and reserve the fat, and then reduce the stock down so it takes up less freezer space. Then I make latkes!
  13. Hi Craig, I live in WV too. (Actually, there's a Craig Foster in my HOA and I'm wondering if you're him...) Have you found anything worth eating between Reston and the WV border?
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