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Akosombo, near the Convention Center - Ghanian at 6th and K Street NW - Closed

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I'm surprised on the board has mentioned this place, but I guess it was a real dive.

I was in the neighborhood this weekend and because of restaurant week, there weren't many open options. So I looked on yelp and found Akosombo.

It mainly serves Ghanaian food to local cab drivers. The building has no sign, looks dumpy, and inside is not the most well kept place. Plus the food is from a giant steam table and served in styrofoam containers.

However, it's only $11, and the food was really good.


I started with a groundnut/peanut soup with goat meat. Then I got rice with slow cooked chicken and spinach with egusi, some kind of ground seed. My favorite was the fufu, a starch ball of mashed cassava and plantain. You just drop it in a spicy soup which had a whole fish in it.

I was told by one of the guys there that the best time to go is lunch on weekdays as some of their items were already gone.

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I returned to Akosombo this past weekend after the Metropolitan Cooking show to escape the throngs of Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, and Giada fans. Although it was awesome seeing RJ Cooper butcher a whole pig onstage for his cooking "demo".

I am better out of the thousands that went to this food convention- no one else went to Akosombo which is only a block away. Of course, many could not find the place.

The best time to go is around 2-3 pm- when the steam tables are freshly loaded. This time I finally tried their Red-red, a dish of stewed black eyed peas and plantains.

It was filling and delicious.


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I'm pretty sure Akosombo, near the convention center is CLOSED and has been for awhile ( a year or more now?). I was lucky enough to have eaten there twice....definitely miss the food, it added some needed diversity to the area, at the time.

If anyone has information about the owner/if she has moved on elsewhere in the DMV area, please post a reply!!!

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