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Todam Soon Doo Boo, Annandale - Closed

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This new place next to Giants peaked my interest, so I decided to check it out during lunch. The location is kind of strange, its situated all the way at the end of a hallway, like some of the restaurants in the Eden Center. They specialize in tofu casserole and they serve it exactly like Lighthouse tofu, bubbling hot tofu stew, a raw egg on the side, and cooked rice in a stone pot. They also serve lots of fresh banchan, including a small whole fried fish with the casserole. Everything was tasty and a bargin for under $10. There are two flat screen TV in the restaurant showing mostly cheesy Korean variety show about cooking. Its a clever move on the owner's part to show Korean food porn to stimulate patron's appetite.


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The menu was only one page long and had English translations. The Galbi we got had a nice flavor, but it was too tough compare to galbi from bbq restaurants. Since they specialize in soondobo, its wise to stick with that. You can choose between beef, mushroom, pork, seafood, kimchi, or clam soondobo. One of the old lady who work there spoke English well enough to answer any question you might have.

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