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The Vyne, Rockville, in the old Amada Amante Space - Closed

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I noticed that Amada Amante has closed and changed ownership.

The new restaurant, which is open for business, is called The Vyne, and is chef-owned by Nathan Coons who used to be the GM at the Irish Inn at Glen Echo, and before that was the chef at Old Angler's Inn.


My wife and I went to the Vyne tonight. We live about two minutes away, and were able to get a babysitter, so we decided to try it out.

I had the oysters and the "crispy" duck. The oysters were alright. They were from lower Virginia. A little small, but not bad. The cocktail sauce, however, was very soupy/ketchupy. It could have used a lot more horseradish or tabasco. The duck was very juicy, but NOT crispy at all. It almost had a steak-like texture and taste. I really enjoyed it, and would order again, but they need a different descriptor than "crispy." The duck came with baby asparagus and mashed potatoes. The entire plate was artfully arranged and quite tasty. Minor complaint was that there was some sort of olive mixture on top of the duck, which did not go at all. I just pushed it to the side.

My wife had the "Mimosa" salad - frisee, baby greens, goat cheese, blood oranges, and a champagne vinagrette. She said it was really good. Enjoyed all the textures together. She also had the seared scallops is addition to the salad, which came with baby asparagus, wild mushrooms, and a puree of something. We could not figure out what the puree was, but it was pretty damn tasty! The scallops had a nice firm texture, and the mushrooms and asparagus went with it nicely.

For dessert we had the Chocolate Mousse Mille Fuille and the Ginger Creme Brulee. The Mousse was excellent. Chocolaty and delicious. The Ginger Brulee was interesting. The flavor was great, but we prefer that our brulees be warm. This was on the cool/room temperature side.

Overall I would give The Vyne a 6 or a 7 out of 10. We will definitely go back and try some other dishes.

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Does anyone know what happened to The Vyne, and when? I stumbled onto a "closed for renovations" message on their website, and their phone number is disconnected - Yelp says it's closed, but that's the only source I can find on the internet. I had no idea, and I'm sorry to find out about this.

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