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Wow Deli, Gaithersburg

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So, where do you get your favorite sandwiches?

Wow Deli on Gaither Road in Rockville/Gaithersburg does a nice job with their chicken and tuna salad wraps, using spinach tortillas. Their Italian Hoagie is nothing to sneeze at, either.

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I've been haunting this place for a while (Love Sushi is my go-to in that shopping center - can't beat their lunch special) but was craving a decent sandwich so I ventured in before the holidays and got the Chicken Cheesesteak, which I customized by adding mushrooms and nixing the mayo.  It was completely satisfying.

Today, I stopped there on my way to work and got the Turkey Avocado, also customizing by, again, nixing the mayo and changing bread to pumpernickel.  I'm now sitting at my desk enjoying a stellar sandwich.  I think the turkey is fresh.  

And the people working there are really nice - they kept an earring of mine that fell out when I was there previously.

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