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Sundays at CityZen

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Come One, Come All... Ok, maybe not all. Space is highly limited.

CityZen's annual picnic is Sunday, May 17th. $130 buys you:

* Pig, pig, and more PIG

* A course before the pig

* A course after the pig

* Booze with a decided Burgundian slant

* Tax

* Gratuity

*And....If your lucky, a chance to see my pasty white legs in shorts!

Further details and contact info attached




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I confess that when we arrived at the Mandarin Oriental and I saw the tables set up outside, I had a moment of trepidation, owing to the cool temperature and the wind. Thankfully it wasn't raining, as the lovely table umbrellas didn't survive the wind and were dispensed with before we began.

It was really lovely in the garden, and once we'd had some wine and good food, it didn't seem as chilly.

I've posted photos to my FaceBook page Click because to this day I have not learned how to post them on this forum (hint: I need help).

The appetizer was the only plated course, and it was a lovely arrangement of crab beignets. The rest of the meal was served "family style" and we passed the serving platters around politely. The roast shoat was the focus of the dinner, of course, and it was delectable and tender, and the cracklin's were a treat. With the shoat, we were served Parkerhouse rolls, spinach salad with hard-cooked eggs and bacon crumbles, grilled asparagus with Parmesan shavings, roasted cippolini onions with shiitake, maitake, and morel mushrooms (extra treat: the morels were stuffed with shoat sausage), and twice baked potatoes that harbored a special surprise: minced roasted shoat tucked under the mashed potatoes). Dessert was an apple and rhubarb crumble topped with vanilla/five-spice ice cream. And the best part of "family style" service: second helpings!

We started and ended with Champagne. The appetizer was paired with a lovely Chablis, and we had two wines with the main course. I did not take notes, so don't know what they were--I hope someone else can address that.

With dessert we had more Champagne and a still red wine and the star of the dessert wines (at our table, anyway): a sparkling red from Italy.

This was a picnic as picnics SHOULD be: real tables and chairs, cloth table coverings and napkins, real flatware, china plates, and actual wine glasses--none of that plastic, paper, disposable stuff!

Everyone at our table had a great time, including 6-month-old Anne, who was quite the social butterfly. And all of the staff were clearly enjoying themselves, despite working on their day off.

Thanks, CityZen, for a wonderful Sunday afternoon!

ETA: And this time, I did say hi! :D

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