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Pho Hong Anh, Vietnamese on Backlick Road near Braddock Road in Springfield

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I'm not sure that this is the place being discussed in the thread. Pho Hong Anh is in Springfield Plaza, a few doors down from the credible Tommy Thai and the very respectable Springfield Butcher, and the menu is almost entirely pho....

Right now, it's dishing up the best pho in Springfield, and a small bowl for about 6-and-a-half-bucks is almost the value lunch deal in Springfield -- the banh mi at Le Bledo down Backlick Road at $2.75 gives it a run for the money.

I settled on the combination pho (#12) with flank, tendon, tripe and basically any meat in the kitchen except meatballs. Meatballs can be had either entirely alone in pho, or else added for $1.50. Anyway, I went with the combination, squeezed in a lime, tossed in a few basil leaves and bean sprouts, hit it with sriracha and duck sauces, and tucked in.

It was delightful. I wouldn't place it on a pedestal, but as far as pho goes in the Springfield area, you would be hard pressed to find a better rendition. When in this plaza, stop in for a bowl of pho at Pho Hong Anh, walk a few doors up for a dessert of sticky rice with mangoes at Tommy Thai, grab some fresh venison for dinner at Springfield Butcher, and walk across to Trader Joe's for some Two Buck Chuck to wash it down.


[Hong Anh thread (it's now closed)

Rice Pot thread (it replaced Hong Anh)]

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I was in Springfield Plaza to cash in some Springfield Butcher Groupons, and Pho Hng Anh grabbed me for a quick lunch. I had the small bowl of #1, but with added meatballs. I give this bowl of comfort a solid B, partly because of the added meatballs and partly because I nailed the toss-ins of srirachi, plum sauce, basil and lime. And all-in with tax and tip was a tidy $10, which isn't bad for a lovely bowl of goodness.

But the big news might be next door -- MoMo Nepalese Food has its sign up and is "Opening Soon"....

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Once and for all, let's correct the Dining Guide and place Pho Hong Anh in Springfield Plaza, next to Momo's and directly across from Golden Hong Kong (and please, Golden Hong Kong needs to be promoted well above the likes of Walker Grille and Mike's).

Back to Pho Hong Anh....I used to believe that what distinguishes one good pho from another is its broth. However, by the time I squeeze in the lime, sriracha and hoisin, and then dump in a handful of basil, sprouts and jalapenos, almost all broths become the same. And it certainly isn't the mediocre vermicelli that distinguishes one pho from another. Therefore, it must be the bits and pieces of protein.

Here is where the Pho Hong Anh version is particularly pleasing. I ordered the large no. 1, and added meatballs. Each piece of tendon, tripe, meatball, sliced meat and anything else the kitchen dumped into this bracing bowl of goodness provided a textural and flavor contrast that made each bite worthwhile. I can't think of anything better to tuck into on a semi-raw northern Virginia day.

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I'll leave it to Rocks and company to clear up this thread, but here's some clarification....

Pho Hong Anh is the one I've been writing about, in Springfield Plaza. "Hong Anh" is up Backlick Road, and is a different place. In fact, it's a stone's throw from Little River Turnpike so it should be in the Annandale listing.

(Google Translate gives "He rose" as in "He got up" as the translation of Hong Anh.)

But it's a moot point. I drove past it this morning and a sign saying "Rice Pot Asian Cuisine Coming Soon" was hanging over the door....so, in the Annandale listing I hope to see "Rice Pot Asian Cuisine" and in the Springfield listing I hope to see an elevated "Pho Hong Anh."

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