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Thai Noy, Arlington

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I've been invited to lunch there tomorrow. The only review I was able to find is posted on their website and written by By Phyllis C. Richaman(sic) in 1999. :D

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

In case nobody else gets a chance to chime in ... I haven't been in a couple of years now, and have no idea how they're doing, but I always liked Thai Noy as a good neighborhood-level restaurant - one that had character and reliable fare. I note on their website that they don't use MSG in their cooking.

While you're there, stop into Lost Dog Cafe next door and pick up a six-pack of Starr Hill Jomo Lager, brewed in Charlottesville. I think they just recently got this beer in, and if you like flavorful lagers (as I do), it's terrific.

Please let us know how your lunch is - you're making me want to get back to Thai Noy.



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We like Thai Noy. While not the best Thai food I have ever had, it is very good for a neighborhood type joint. I equate it to the Chinese-American food they have at Oriental Gourmet in Lee-Harrison Shopping Center, if that makes any sense....

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That's because you haven't asked for the Chinese menu, Jason! All I recall was that their pad thai was a bit sweeter than other Arlington versions and that it was a bit pricier too for the portion and in comparison. The pad see ew I had wasn't bad, but wasn't memorable either.

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That's because you haven't asked for the Chinese menu, Jason!

Well, we usually just get carryout from OG, as my family tends to like the basics. However, if that is an invitation for you to guide me through the Chinese menu, well, I'm game...

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Now, about Thai Noy. I found it just as you described, a pleasant place for an occasional meal.

Their portions are huge. (Almost twice the size than at my beloved Thai Square) If we go to Thai Noy again I would order a meat appetizer, a salad or a vegetable dish and their rice pudding for dessert.

If the food we ordered was not particularly unusual, the presentation was. The view of summer rolls knocked my socks off. They were served standing up on a small platter surrounded by a freshly carved carrot flower, chopped peanuts and a very pleasant house made dipping sauce.

These summer rolls can be presented vertically on a plate because they are made 2-3 times fatter than the ones usually served in Asian restaurants. They are rolled into an open ended tube, with thinly shredded lettuce, scallions and carrots spilling out of it. Very appealing to the eye.

Don, we Loved Starr Hill Jomo Lager. Thanks for mentioning it. skipper

PS:Where can I find info on how to post pictures using Mac? TIA

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PS:Where can I find info on how to post pictures using Mac? TIA

Assuming the pictures are on your computer:

1) Edit the post in which you want to post your pictures.

2) Below the space where you type the body of your post, there's an "Attachments" section - a big, wide, blue rectangle.

3) Click on "Choose File" towards the right side of that section

(At this point, you'll choose the first picture on your computer)

4) After you choose the first picture, click on "Upload" on the far right (make sure to do this, or the picture will not be attached).

5) You have just uploaded ("attached") your first picture. Repeat steps 3) and 4) for each picture you wish to upload.

6) Then when you're done, complete your post just as you normally would, and the thumbnails will be there.

There's also a "Manage Current Attachments" section on the left side, which you can play around with.

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