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Mr. Hibachi, Courthouse - Closed.

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My go-to spots for a quick lunch (usually grabbing something and taking it back to the office) seem to all be Asian-themed.

Mr. Hibachi has a selection of rice bowls and noodle soups topped with chicken or beef and your choice of sauces (peanut mustard, spicy, and teriyaki). The regular size rice bowls are filling and seem to be relatively healthy, not oversauced and with carefully placed pieces of broccoli, cabbage, and carrots underneath the meat. The chicken with peanut mustard is the one I usually choose along with the Maewoon (spicy) beef. They are generous with the meats and both chicken and beef are tender and not overcooked. The noodle bowls offer similar toppings (minus the sauce) and are a good choice on a chilly day.

Having seen goldenticket's post, and realizing that's just the kind of place I've been looking for - well - ever since I got down here, I used my lunch slow time (known as the hours between 9 AM and 5 PM when you work where I do) to wander up Wilson Boulevard.

Given the familial preference towards peanuts, and having more chicken waiting at home for me than you can shake a dead chicken at, I went with the peanut mustard beef. With drink, it was $9.75, having gotten the large, and at first I thought "oh man, this is small!"

I was, after all, rather hungry, having enjoyed this beautiful fall day and the walk between Courthouse and Rosslyn twice already.

Digging into it led me to realize that it has a substance that was perhaps belied by its size and I regretted (happily) having finished it all, just wishing I had a pair of those shoes with wheels in the heels for getting back down to work.

I thought the peanut mustard sauce was a bit too thick at the end for me, as a lot of it had dripped down into the rice and gotten a bit cloying. If I had, perhaps, stirred it up better it would've been a lot better.

Next time I'm definitely going with the spicy, however. I wonder if they'd mix the two sauces for me...

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It looks like the options in Courthouse have shrunk by one - Mr. Hibachi appears to be closed :D At just before 2pm today, the door was locked, lights out, no sign of life inside....and when I tried their number from back at the office got the 'this number has been disconnected' recording. Bummer.

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