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Zack's Taverna, Capitol Hill SE - Closed

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A few months ago I had the good fortune of eating one of Zack's gyro sandwiches. The bread was delicious, the meat was seasoned perfectly--with a thick, feta sauce and fresh tomatoes. Very satisfying. So when I heard that Spike Mendelsohn had bought out the restaurant next door to Good Stuff Eatery, I ran over to Zack's with the hope of having just one more.

I was too late! In the short time it took to prepare my order, I overheard three conversations that bode ill for Zack's. (1) Zack's house manager has left--he apparently had no interest in being one of Spike's minions. Go figure. (2) Another customer dropped by to ask if the sandwiches were still the same. They CHANGED the recipe! Now, the restaurant uses a tsaziki sauce that is too light for this sandwich, instead of the piquant feta sauce that so perfectly complements the seasoned meat and bread. Trying to cast things in a positive light, the server insisted that the sandwiches are "much better now". Not so! (3) Adding insult to injury, the management has raised the prices on some menu items--for example, an order of soup has gone from $3.95 to $5.95 for the same portion size.

Must Zack's gyro sandwich be the sacrificial lamb? My guess is that Spike and his crew simply wanted the space next door to Good Stuff on Pennsylvania Avenue. Perhaps Spike's next book should be entitled "How to Close a Restaurant in 30 Days".

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