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The Ugly Mug, Beer Joint with American Food on 8th & I Street SE on Barracks Row

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Had a craving for nachos last evening, so I went to the Ugly Mug. It's the only nearby place I could think of that has them on the menu. Still not a place I gravitate to, but service has gotten much more attentive and friendlier over time. The nachos were okay. Craving sated and at a reasonable price. If only I hadn't got caught in the storm on the way home...

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The nachos here yesterday were not okay. The chips were stale (as they were also for someone who ordered a dip that came with chips), and the nacho cheese was at least partially that processed squeezy cheese stuff.  The nachos were, frankly, awful.  And this has long been the best place I know of in the neighborhood to get nachos.

I believe part (or maybe most) of the problem is that they are renovating the downstairs space and the relatively small upstairs is all they have. I don't have any idea what they are using for kitchen space during this period.  Unless you want solely to drink at the little bar, avoid. (And they were having problems with the beer taps and beer availability.)

The entrance is currently the far southernmost door, which goes directly up the stairs.

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