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Good Spanish Wine Selection


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A request from a friend:

I know you frequent some forums for local chefs in the area, and was

wondering if you could make some recommendations for me. I have a

group that is looking to host a wine tasting, to help raise funds for

HIV/AIDS prevention in the Latino Community. They are looking for

restaurants with a large Spanish wine selection. If you know of any

place that might be good (Tapas maybe?) could you let me know.

Obviously if you don't know of any place, don't worry, it's not a big

deal. I just thought you might be a good source for that sort of thing.

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Jaleo is the obvious choice. The Bethesda location is probably the largest and most group-amenable (depending on the size of the group). Jaleo's list covers a wide swath of the Spanish vignoble (both modern and traditional) and includes good descriptions and relatively reasonable prices.

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La Tasca Spanish Restaurant... http://www.latascausa.com

Vinoteca... http://www.vinotecadc.com

"Join us every Sunday for Flamenco song and dance! From 8 pm to 11 pm, we host a phenomenal flamenco-rumba performance that you just can't miss!

During the show, we offer all of our Spanish and South American wines at half price."

Never been to Tasca but i have been to Vinoteca and had some tasty Spanish juice (1/2 off!!!) there and enjoyed the dancing eye-candy. :rolleyes:

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