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I love to cook Indian food and have been scouring the Internet looking for different recipes. So when I discovered the recipe link on the Passage to India website I had to download a couple!

I tried the Konkan Fish Curry recipe last night...excellent! I couldn't source the kokum petals and two grocery stores didn't have grouper so I used cod instead. But overall a very simple recipe to follow with great results. Thanks Chef Sudhir!


If you have any other tried and true Indian recipes, please post them here. :-)

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I've been slowly working through some of Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking, with some hits and misses (for example, I have not enjoyed several of the dhal recipes in the book)...

Sunday I made the Cashew Rice and Diced Potato (Kaju Aloo Pulau), wow, pretty fantastic. The rice was perfectly crumbly (I used Thai Jasmine instead of basmati), great seasoning, super easy to make, and knock it out of the park good. There are several pulau recipes in the book...new project for the fall/winter!


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