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Solar Crepes Food Cart, Ballston Metro - Closed

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Solar Crepes opened today outside the Ballston Metro. Right smack dab in front of the Nature Conservatory building. Which is fitting considering they use produce from local farms and use solar panels to lessen their carbon footprint. The menu and the cart looks great, they use an Ipad as a cash register, which makes them pretty cool in my book. They really won be over with their Newtella crepe w/ rasberries ($6). Absolutely delicious, the newtella is homemade and very well done.

I will post a full review on the blog sometime soon, but I wanted to do a quick post on DR first.

Bonus points for the cheesy slogan "This place is giving me the crepes"


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Stopped by today because I was working from home. Got a buckwheat savory market crepe. Yes they have buckwheat crepes and they are tasty, and you can get any toppings on a buckwheat crepe! A little thicker than I imagine their regular crepe would be, but also needed to hold all the toppings of this bad boy. It was moist, and not as sour as some buckwheats can be. The crepe was filled with ratatouille, bacon, spinach, cheese and something else maybe corn? It was a great combination of flavors. The bacon had really good flavor, the ratatouille was not mushy at all as you might expect from a food cart, instead it had discernible pieces with nice texture and flavor. I really liked the baked tomato bits. I think the cheese was gruyere, but I couldn't see it only tasted it. But it all melded together really well.

I highly recommend this place. Service was very nice and it was fairly quick. For me it was extremely filling. They are starting breakfast after labor day. And they also have coffees and iced coffees and a selection of beverages. I thought I also saw yogurt and granola.

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I've been meaning to post here for a while. I'm finally getting around to it! Thank you so much for stopping by the cart.

I think the cheese was gruyere, but I couldn't see it only tasted it. But it all melded together really well.

The cheese is an organic cave aged cheddar from PA. We visited said cave a few months ago...very stinky :(

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